***Special Project - The Kachin Children


The ongoing civil war in Kachin state, northern Myanmar deprives many children of even the most basic education.

Our aim at Help a Child Donate a Book is to send very basic  English storybooks, DVD's or CD's to help these children get started on a learning journey.


Your donations ( no cash please), will go towards setting up children's libraries and organising reading sessions in schools or in the camps for displaced children.


We request laptop donations to enable teachers to organise teaching material and access educational tools.


We need:


Storybooks, CDC's, DVD's for children aged 4 to 8 years


Books for students 12 - 18 years


Used but working laptops



Library Projects

With used/ new books and other educational material (audio-visual material i.e. CD's, DVDs) our vision is for volunteer teachers to be equipped with tools to teach and make the learning experience fun and interesting.

We hope these underprivileged children will learn to read and write basic English. For those who already know some basic English, we want them to be more proficient, in order  to get jobs or even volunteer to teach/help their peers



SRI LANKA - Heartbeat Library Project in Rathgama

Books were shipped to The Foundation of Goodness who spearheads this project amongst many other initiatives of their own.


CAMBODIA - Nhor Village, Chbarmorn District, Kampong Speu Province


Set up in 2007 by Glad Tidings Church, Singapore the school is located in a rural area and currently has 344 students. Currently, the school runs two classes for Grades 1 to 3, and one class each for Grades 4 to 9. The school operates morning and afternoon sessions. The acting Principal is Dr.Lee Poh Chin who has been a teacher in Singapore for several years.



MYANMAR - Kyaw Pha Hmwe  Zaung (KPMZ)


There are currently about 400 children ranging from age 6 - 12 years, of which 60% are girls and 40% are boys. This primary school is run by a monastery and depends on well-wishers. It runs a normal daily school program with volunteers teaching English. The school operates from 8.00 am - 3.00 pm. Support for this school started after cyclone Nargis in May 2008. The school now has a few computers but no internet connection.


Boys Orphanage - Opened in November 2009


75 boys ranging from 6 -15 years of age, run by UNITEAM MARINE LTD (UNITEAM) who built the orphanage and takes care of the monthly costs. These boys are attending public school.UNITEAM is arranging computer classes as well as English and art classes. During the summer break, they are given guitar lessons. The financial responsibilities for these activities are taken care of by UNITEAM. They have in-house teachers assisting the boys with homework, however, assistance with English is provided by other teachers who are not from orphanage itself.  At this orphanage, the boys have access to a computer and the internet. Beginners level English books are needed for these boys. Arrived at the orphanage in Myanmar- September 2013

PROJECT - Help a Child -  Donate a Book

The Kachin Children

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