Our objective is simple but our hopes high. It is our mission to bring reading and books to the underprivileged children in poorer countries and give them a chance to enjoy reading, which will eventually lead to further education and a job. Our aim is to collect second hand or even new books and other educational material to donate and help institutions set up libraries to serve these kids.


With the opportunity to learn English, they will be better placed to find jobs or better job prospects. It is also our hope that through this simple initiative, we will find like-minded people who are ready, willing and able to contribute their time and effort in helping us to help the children. Volunteers can assist in many ways. It may be the simple deed of spreading the word or just help us collect the books from various collection sites.




Josephine  Au - Yeong - The Wise ONE, the one who is already much

involved in philanthropy and volunteer work.


Angela Ng - The Real One, the only person who is qualified to teach and better still, qualified to teach English as a second language. A former lawyer to boot.


Renata Mowbray  - The Social Networker - One who has been in the marketing arena most of her life and who is the best one, amongst us, who knows most about social networking and help us to reach out to all of you.


- The Only Guy amongst the roses and a person just like anyone of you with a soft spot for kids. Currently a full time lawyer. Albert Teo



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